About us

Here's a little insight:

GM Model Supplies is an independent architecture and model accessories supplier based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. We are driven to provide the best possible customer care along with experience and advice of our products that we sell. 

We have seen a huge demand for our products, especially architectural model figures, amongst the United Kingdom and many other countries! We know we aren't the only architectural models supplier based in the UK products but we pride ourselves with quality and our professional packaging we offer to loads of happy customers daily.

Unlike other companies we select our suppliers based on the quality of products and the effectiveness of their output for our high demand. We also have our own strict 'in-house' quality control which ensures you receive the highest quality models every time.

We do not only supply architectural accessories but also have developed our own range of waterslide decals aimed at 00/1:76 scale diecast enthuiasts. These are also supplied in our professional packaging and along with our quality guarntee. 

We continue to grow our product range each month so stay up to date with our newsletter and register an account today!