Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by 'scale'?

HINT: It's got nothing to do with the type you may find in your kitchen!

A scale in a model is defined as its size proportion to the whole model. For example, a model kit for a toy is generally 1:50 scale as it is larger meaning that the maker can incorporate more detail and sometimes moving parts onto the model.

For architecture you may need a smaller scale model for a large project or area. You may then use a larger scale when you are modelling a smaller section or space.

When choosing a scale it's important to consider the following: How large is the area you're modelling, how much detail do you need, or do you need any moving features?

How do I attach my model figure to my scene?

The simplest way to attach the model figures to your model is superglue. A drop of superglue to each underneath of the foot will create a secure bond between the model surface and the figure. If you don't want to permanently glue them then you could use tacky glue or white/blue tack. A small piece underneath each foot will hide the tack from view.

Do your model figures stand by themeselves?

Sometimes customers are luckily enough to have purchased a model figure that stands by itself. However, this solely depends on each model figure as they are moulded from plastic each by hand. The same model figure may have small differences and weight which will determine whether it'll stand or not.

Are there any recommendations for your model figures?

All we ask is please don't use your model figures in direct bright sunlight as overtime this can cause fading and wearing to the paint used on the figures. This included non-painted (white) versions as well.

It's recommended to keep the original packaging for future storage and reference.

How do I know how big your model figures are?

All approximate measurements of the model figures are within the description on the product page. If a size range (I.e 18-25mm) is stated this means that some figures within the pack can arrive taller than others and it will also consider seated versions that will be in the pack.

Normally, matching the scale you are working in will also help. If you're working with 1:50 scale models then our 1:50 scale range of figures will suit perfectly.

I need to make a return, help!

Don't panic! Please Contact Us and view our Terms and Conditions for further support and explaination if you need to make a return.

Generally, you can post your returns back to our returns address which is printed on all shipping labels. Please include your order number or invoice reference as well as a reason for return to make returns as efficient as possible.

We do offer a 30 day period for all unwanted items that are still brand new.


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