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Scale Selection:

This useful and informational guide put together by GM Model Supplies helps architectural students to choose the right scale they are after. It also helps others understand model scales and is a general help tool to have access to.

Below is a table showing the most popular Architectural scales and recommendations:


International Scale: 1'' On The Model Based Equalent: Recommended Scales for Scenery Elements:
1:24 1'' = 2' 1:24 , 1:22.5
1:50 1'' = 4.16' 1:50 , 1:48
1:100 1'' = 8.33' 1:100 , 1:87 (HO) , 1:76 (00)
1:160 1'' = 13.33' 1:160 , 1:150 (N)
1:200 1'' = 16.66' 1:220 (Z)
1:240 1'' = 20' 1:220 (Z)


Below is a table showing the most popular scales for Urban models:


International Scale:  1'' On The Model based Equivelant: Recommended Scales for Scenery Elements: 
1:480 1'' = 40' 1:500
1:500 1'' = 41.66' 1:500


Using Javis Scenery Scatters:

Javis scatters offer a great value alternative compared to other high street brands scenery. Their quality scatters mean that each bag goes further than you think!

To start we suggest making sure that the area is clear of greece and loose dirt. A good idea is to paint the area brown or green and wait for it to dry. Once clear and painted (optional), spread a layer of PVA glue over the area you wish to cover. Once covered open the Javis bags you have bought. If you want to alter the colour of the mixture you could blend 2 or 3 colours together in a small pot. Realistic grass isn't all the same shade or colour so mixing them up is a great realistic method. After you have the colour you desire, scatter the 'grass' with your fingers over the area. Ensure that all the glue is covered- this could also be done with a hard brissled brush to push the scatter into awkward corners. Leave to dry for approximatley 3-10 hours according to your conditions. Next, we suggest collecting the loose 'grass' that hasn't stuck. This could be done with a hoover with a fresh bag or with a brush into a pot. You may find that in some areas the scatter hasn't stuck. These can be patched up again later. Lastly, empty your spare scatter into a pot or bag for further use in the near future. You may also wish to add Javis bushes and foliage to the ground for extra realism.

Using Our Decals:

Using and applying our decals couldn't be easier!

To prepare you must ensure that the surface, diecast, wagon or loco you are intending to apply the decal to is grease and dust free. This will help the decal adhere to the surface later on. After this had been checked, cut the transfer from the sheet, close around the image. Do not cut into the image unless you are deliberately reducing the area of transfer to be applied. Immerse the decal in a bowl/container of water for a few seconds (Roughly 20-40 seconds depending on the size). Preferably the container/bowl should be large enough to accomodate the full flat transfer. Keep checking the decal whilst submerged in the water to test if it has become detached from the backing sheet or not. When the seperation has occurred, remove the transfer and backing paper as one item; position in the location required retaining the image in position with gentle pressure whilst sliding out the backing paper and disposing of after. After all this, make final adjustments to the position, at the same time dabbing off excess water with an absorbent cloth or blotting paper. Lastly, ensure there are no air or water bubbles trapped between the surface and the decal by gently outwardly stroking them with a cloth or blotter to the edges of the transfer. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as it could move the transfers location.

We do not recommend applying transfers to water sensitive components of particular items such as model locomotives as the excess water could interfere with its functionalilty.

Remember to take care of your fingers when cutting around the image on the decal paper.

Its particularly important to store the decals away from moisture or liquids (Including water) as it could result in unwanted reactions.


Product Inspiration:

Welcome to the Product Inspiration section. If you're struggling for inspiration or new ideas that our products can offer to you then look no further than this section!  Below you'll find images of what our products have been used for and helped achieved, also some great shots overall.  

Some great shots caught of our products. Perfectly detailed and zoomed images to express the pure quality of our model figures:





 An amazing Brazil based client who paints the 1:50 scale white figures to add to his model truck collection. As pictured below:





Have fun with our Model Figures:



Thank you Oscar Teo who photographed his model figures on his scene! Check out the images HERE on Instagram!




Do you have any images of our products being used on your scene/layout/collection?

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