Introducing Out-Of-Stock Ordering!

21 August 2017

Here at GM Model Supplies we believe you shouldn't be restricted by our stock levels... 

Now you don't have to be! 

With our 'Out Of Stock Ordering' it allows you to purchase items out of stock and for them to be available within the next 3 working days* for it to be dispatched to you via your chosen delivery method. 

If you have purchased an out of stock item with other in stock items we will not dispatch your order until every item is available for dispatch.


See more details below:

Find the product you want! If its out of stock order from our website as normal. (As if it was in stock)

Once added to the cart proceed to the checkout. 

Once Checkout is complete simply wait 3 Working Days* for us to update you on the new availability of the item(s). 

Once you have been updated we will dispatch your item(s) as normal via your chosen delivery method. 

The next thing you know you'll have the item(s) at your door! 

If you have any questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us through our 'Contact Us' page.


*3 Working Days is our aim and depends upon supplier availability. Excludes Model Figures, ABS Tubing and Bars, and Model Light Bars. 3 Working Days starts after the full payment has been recieved and not including weekends and bank holidays. Excludes postage lead times. If more than 5 working days passes we will automatically refund you the cost of the item when purchased.

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