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1:200 - Mainly used in architecture to represent larger projects and enables the ability to create a small model of a larger size.

1:100 - Also commonly used for architecture but also some model kits by Revell/Airfix. 

1:87 - This scale is commonly used by American brands/manufactures and represents HO gauge.

1:76 - The most common scale in Britain- referred to as 00 gauge in model railways. Also available in some kits and models.

1:50 - A popular scale for architecture. It allows a finer detail to be added compared to smaller scales. 

1:25 - The scale that allows the most detail to be added. Commonly used in architecture modelling. Great for a small model project.


HINT: It's got nothing to do with the type you may find in your kitchen!

A scale in a model is defined as its size proportion to the whole model. For example, a model kit for a toy is generally 1:50 scale as it is larger meaning that the maker can incorporate more detail and sometimes moving parts onto the model.

For architecture you may need a smaller scale model for a large project or area. You may then use a larger scale when you are modelling a smaller section or space. 

When choosing a scale it's important to consider the following: How large is the area you're modelling, how much detail do you need, or do you need any moving features?

FAQ for Model Figures

How do I attach them to my model?

The simplest way to attach the model figures to your model is superglue. A drop of superglue to each underneath of the foot will create a secure bond between the model surface and the figure. If you don't want to permanently glue them then you could use tacky glue or white/blue tack. A small piece underneath each foot will hide the tack from view. 

Will they stand up by themselves?

Sometimes customers are luckily enough to have purchased a model figure that stands by itself. However, this solely depends on each model figure as they are moulded from plastic each by hand. The same model figure may have small differences and weight which will determine whether it'll stand or not.

Can I request particular variants?

Yes! Of course you can. We are happy to, where applicable, supply particular variations of our model figures. You can even ask us for another scale that we currently don't stock and we'll try and find them for you at the best price. 

Storage and Care:

Please don't use your model figures in direct bright sunlight as overtime this can cause fading and wearing to the paint used on the figures. This included non-painted (white) versions as well.

It's recommended to keep the original packaging for future storage and reference. 

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